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That extra yellow border so you might see some of those cards every once in a long you’re like what is up there well that’s what that is then came fire uh this is omega ruby sapphire stuff so you get your Reckon And your Tor chic and your Mud kip that’s not the any exit yet though in this is when we started getting their next stuff I think well there has to be I think there is the exes before this I Think this sapphire you see I know only know the English sets really.

well I’m Pretty sure Relationship Repair Book for Couples there was in this set and then in base la this is fire red leaf green this is what the reprint I Mean the remake of the video game they started doing the reprint of ex like big X’s so died in the first gym again of Pokemon so you have the Venus or The Zachariah X and then the Blastoff EX which they were all like Zachariah is base Blastoff was actually used in lbs and America which is lugging still looks Blastoff which is really really good.

It did really well in the tournament and then in we have the diamond and pearl series that came out we had the Platinum Series which has the arch or Arcturus is in them then we have the fire in we had those cargo Soul Silver which is the legends here so that’s where you had the legend cards in the prime Pokemon and in we got the black and white which is really cool that’s where you got the full art regular cards and then you started getting like ex stuff again and then weave.

Here and then that continued on with the e X’s and then we got the new gen here and then we got into the breaks of so you had this special break cards but you still have the XS so that is really a cool little history Lionel timeline of what went what happened that is really cool and here’s the gallery from so this is so you have the original art which is really cool I love I love that and Guess it