Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About Managing An Optometry Practice

Pretty much have a chief complaint general medical evaluation the need for some specific testing and well as a series of-of examination based upon individual carrier requirements and if you do a 0couple of elements like that may be an intermediate office visit we do all our elements that relate to the chief complaint that may be called a comprehensive examination it’s really important to know that there are some very focused definition missions that have to be in place for both for the use of.

the codes for the intermediate visit you have to have a symptom that you have to have a new symptom or an existing symptom that’s complicated with a new problem you also have to have a continuation of a treatment plan for a comprehensive examination you have to do specific tests such as a sensory motor examination your supplant and that could be a basic sensorimotor examination and yes also have to have a gross visual field so there are specific requirements that each of these tests have that you need to take care of so the use of the codes versus the use of the codes is a complex subject one that you will hear lectures on whenever you go to continuing education programs and I would strongly suggest you get the local carrier policies in your own area try and review those to your colleagues and.

see what what’s going on in your managing an optometry practice community  and there are resources out there  that can help you determine which is  the best use of which set of codes for specific instances in addition to the  examination code CPT  also has series of procedural codes that optometrists need to become familiar with  these are the independent procedures  such as visual fields extended up the Muscovy color vision and some of.

the surgical codes that we use in our everyday practice to help patients there are some very specific billing and coding rules as to when you can use these codes can use this code on the same day as office visit codes can you build surgical codes and office visit codes on the same day and you really need.