Secrets Will Make Your Science Look Amazing

I have just locked the windows and the doors for security reasons and now I’m going to change for my uniform to street clothes following OSHA guidelines after changing it to my street clothes what I’m going to do is I’m going to turn off any equipment in the staff lounge wipe the counters and clean the tables now

This completes the closing of the dental office suite and I hope this helps you out thank you this is a mess now I’m documenting oh my god good morning today we are making a video on opening and closing the dental office okay what were you thinking okay so change it before going change into your proper clinic okay oh

We’ve been recording we are going to change our clothing on clear loading into I know okay so after the treatment room we’re going to come to the sterilization oh okay so in this sterilization we are going to check the levels of you gonna and we’re going to do in-depth cleaning of the treatment of the treatment yeah

The complete whatever she’s gonna this completes the room so the first thing that you would do to open the office would be turned on the master stitches which is the air compressors and the vacuum system now we’re going to go to the reception area reception area get out of these thank you

I’ll take those I don’t you want to keep these alright you can follow me this one’s in front and we’ll check out okay okay thank you how did you two fight how does my loss almost anything okay do you need a follow-up no good morning I am going to demonstrate on how to close the dental office the first thing we’re going to do is clean the treatment rooms but before doing so we will put on our utility gloves to protect our hands.